Music Advertising, Marketing and Promotions

Music Advertising, Marketing and Promotions

Music Advertising, Marketing and Promotions

JAMllc focuses on getting the artist's music off-the-shelf and to the people who listens to it and makes it relevant, so it becomes a perpetual funnel of income that grows over time. It’s a hard truth for many to face… But having passion alone isn’t enough to propel you to music stardom. LMCB Awards

As much as you love playing, creating, and sharing your talents? You need to understand the business landscape if you want this to be a career!

There’s a reason that labels, managers and marketers exist… Chances are if you’ve devoted your life to mastering your craft you won’t have any time to devote to being exceptional in business as well! So, rather than just having half of the picture… partner with a trusted agent.

Why not connect with someone who can complete it? You need a strong team that understand what you're missing and who can share knowledge with you about the industry you're trying to win in.

Our goal is to focus on what WE’RE good at, so you can focus on what YOU'RE good at - making that fire everlasting music. We bridge that gap between creators, influencers, curators, BLOGS and digital marketing by connecting your music with a team that has experience
with getting that light, that shine on your art; playlist campaigns that are curated so that your music actually gets heard by organic/real listeners who you can turn into real fans, giving you real stream and a long reach.

Having passion is excellent, but if you want to really make it in the music business, you’re going to need some help. "SOW today and GROW tomorrow" and "Half of something is better than ALL of nothing" are old adages that Indie Artists need to learn.

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